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Rising global temperatures and increasingly erratic precipitation is bearing heavily on the Western US, where over the past 20 years drought conditions have worsened, indicating onset of aridification.

20211109 drrought map
Map released: 11.11.21
For up to date map click here

The vast systems of canals, pipelines and reservoirs built in the 1960s aimed to mitigate water scarcity in Southern California. Now, in the “new normal” of increasingly limited precipitation and snowpack, State water is not sufficient and does not offer the emergency back-up originally intended.

The 2021 water emergency has forced a 95% reduction of California State water deliveries.

“Climate change expresses itself through water.  9 out of 10 natural disasters are water-related. Water-related climate risks cascade through food, energy, urban and environmental systems. If we are to achieve climate and development goals, water must be at the core of adaptation strategies.”
-The World Bank

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